A Touch of the Vapours

I was going to do another post about the skies, you know, how the clouds have changed over these past years, naively posing the question

“What are these vapours, that hang there like Candy Floss…?”

But then we could all be vapourised sooner than anyone really knows, couldn’t we?

…So I wonder to myself it is really worth battling to get to the truth, joining forces with others to try and help the Planet…  Life… ?

Seems hardly worth the effort should current events turn tits up

So in the interest of filling my time I shall revert back to my first love. Imaging.

I use that term in that be it a painting, photograph or montage it is an image.

I am what one would describe as an Urban Snapper, seeking out the obscure from my surroundings.

I have, over the years, created many albums, themed and otherwise.

One of my themes has been Colour… ( or Color for those of you who are reading in American )…. well many themes in fact, each album reliant on one colour…

RED for example.

This photo is from my RED Collection, shot in Barcelona.


WTF is IT?

Ok, what the fuck is it? To be honest I am getting bored with it all… I could take photos all day long.. telling the same story. These skies are not how they used to be… admit it yourselves. Don’t you want answers? ….

Are YOU dissatisfied with the old “ They are only Contrails” Baloney?….

IF it transpires that those in power have decided that the only way to save the Earth from sizzling to a frazzle is to protect it with a cloud base which reflects the harmful rays of the Sun…and they thought it would be too complicated and time consuming to appraise the people…. or that we simply wouldn’t understand, I could kind of live with that.

But if it is more sinister and some sort of GeoEngineering to affect Climate…as a weapon…. or to reduce the population then that would be even more serious.

What are YOUR thoughts?

Can you Whistle?

As much as I hate harping-on about it I have always found the “top down” system of delegation a dangerous thing.

This type of Pyramid CONTROL can be seen clearly in every regime from businesses to The Military, youth groups, The Church, in fact even in the home… the parents condition their young into being compliant and unquestioning.

Sure, when order is required, or training, this is a sound methodology, isn’t it?

Where the system breaks down, in my view, is the very unquestioning nature of the device.

Ok, there are systems, particularly in business where “down-up” seems to work well. The guys on the shop-floor, because they are in the frontline, by definition, know more about what is going on than the Big Wigs, The Shirts, The Top Brass…

I’m not talking about Societies where an egalitarian doctrine can mask the true nature of The Organisation. Socialism can be just as easily be corrupted, and Communism, for example, in practice a mask for corruption, power struggles and fear mongering.

An ethos of a society ( if there is such a thing ) can rapidly be twisted into Totalitarianism, Fascism or made or evolve into a Religion…

Whether the antithesis of Ordered Top-Down Control would be anarchy or not, is not my gripe, it is the Pyramid System itself.

The Pawns take instruction from the Knights who in turn are controlled by the Bishops….You see where I am going with this?

Each lower level is answerable to the level above…. And once the system is in place, the higher levels need only to say “ it comes from above” to guarantee complete compliance…

It is a complete human trait to appear to be in-tune … not out of step…. yes, those who appear to be different, are labelled, incarcerated, outlawed and chastised.

I think only of my schooldays where a sharp rap on the knuckles was a vain attempt to FORCE me into writing with my right hand… that is one meagre example of how schooling controls the young, naive and ignorant…. with ultimate power…

…and then the teachers themselves, I wonder, do they stop and think, why am I doing this? Why am I adhering to this Curriculum, why is it illegal in some countries to Home Teach…. live “off-grid”… Fear, that’s why…fear of being labelled insane, or a threat, fear of loosing position, career, status.

And those at the very very top of the Pyramid, create the rules, write the LAWS and instruct their underlings to carry them out… Many of such inter-level groups become laws unto them selves as we see in Police forces… Religious groups and so on.

So easy to arrest that Whistle-Blower, because they are a threat to National Security, a danger to Society…In fact steeped in the books and laws of control it is no doubt an offence to incite another to “blow the whistle”….

So, incite I shall not, but I ask this… Imagine that that theorists who claim that the crazy patterns in the skies above, are NOT Contrails as we are led to believe ( from above) and not created by an endless flight of drones…imagine that there is something very sinister going on. Imagine you know this, and are part of the chain that makes this whole thing work?

Would you blow a whistle? ….would you?


I have decided to label my photos of “events in the skies” with the prefix SRM, which is  an acronym for many phrases including Solar Radiation Management… I shall also use that acronym in conjunction with a hashtag. (#)

Why? Only from personal experience have I deduced that using the terms #chemtrailers or #GeoEngineering tend to put my associates in negative frame of mind… urging comments such as “bullshit”… I am not offended, each to their own as they say.

But whether Solar Radiation Management  is proposed, or has been going on for some time, is down the the individuals out there to deduce.

Do your research …. but remember there is a lot of BULLSHIT out there in information land…

How to Make a Cross

chemtrailers10X? It’s a cross, used by the ignorati to make a mark, the illiterate to sign their name…

the X is used by most to cast a vote in the Ballot box.

It is a Cross, the symbol used by Christians; it is written that a cross is the device onto which Jesus Christ was nailed.

There is one on the Flag of Scotland, it is a punch in boxing…

people who are angry are said to be CROSS….

How do I make one?

Get yourself a big plane, fly it across the blues skies spewing out some thick vapour whilst some other pilot is doing the same allowing his jets’s vapour to intersect with yours…see photo!

The + symbol, is also a cross, a plus in arithmetic… but are there any plusses in clouding over the skies?

The x symbol is also used in mathematics to illustrate multiplication… the multiple layers of hazy clouds, for example.

It stands for times…as in how many times do you have to look up and see what odd things are going on up there, before YOU decide to do something about it?

#chemtrailers #GeoEngineering #OpCemtrails

Hans Guck-in-die-Luft


by Heinrich Hoffmann

The Story of Johnny Look-in-the-Air… which some of you may have read ( or even been indoctrinated by ) can be found in an 19th century picture book called Struwwelpeter by Heinrich Hoffmann….

This story amongst others was poignant to me, to say the least. 

The poor schoolboy Hans was chastised for always looking to the skies, to see the swallows at play and the clouds float by.

As a child who visited Germany often, I remember these sentiments being echoed by my matriarchal overlords along with all sorts of other stories and warnings… never swallow chewing gum or it will wrap itself around your heart and you will die… ( an odd lack of knowledge concerning the workings of the body? )… pick your feet up, stay in line, don’t answer back, do as you are told…

Yes, most of this educational propaganda was geared towards forcing the impressionable to toe-the-line, don’t look at the sky, don’t masturbate, don’t loose you school books or you will never get a good job and become a cog in the great industrial machine required to create wealth for the wealthy.

It would be fanciful to imagine Heinrich Hoffmann as some kind of visionary, soothsayer, or member of some secret sect of illuminated scholars… but why is it that we don’t look up as much as we did? … Sure, if you saw one of the many hoards of lemmings looking down at the their smart-arse phones, tindering, and WhatsApping and they were just about to walk off of a train platform, you may well forewarn, shout, even drag them back from the Abyss….. it would be the decent thing to do…wouldn’t it?

For those who are a tad paranoid, environmentally aware or who have realised that our servants the governments ( and who knows whatever else is controlling them ) are more likely to think that discouraging “sky-watching”  is some kind of plot, in an effort not to be discovered manipulating the weather, poisoning the Earth, de-populating the planet…

So I say to you:  look up to the skies and see…see how the clouds have changed over the years… and those vapour trails left behind by the warm jets, see how they linger, see how they criss-cross in a never-ending mesh above our heads as if being woven by planes in tandem, even 3 four at a time…

If you find this odd or disconcerting do something about it. Inform yourselves, lobby your representatives, refuse to believe the well-crafted hype about contrails. Check out #geoengineering #chemtrails #climatecontrol …. are these things proposals? or is it happening now with-out our consent?

You tell me.





Ebola in Italien ausgebrochen

someone owns a Patent on Ebola

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Mittlerweile sind 40 Fälle von Ebola in Italien registriert.
Es ist ein Mysterium, dass in Italien bislang nur 40 Fälle von ausgebrochenen Ebola registriert worden. Die Ausbreitung gelang, weil die Massenanstürme vom afrikanischen Kontinent auf Europa nicht abreißen und selbst Infizierte, die es zumeist nicht wissen, dass sie infiziert sind, sich auf die Reise ins europäische Schlaraffenland begeben.

Die im Senegal ausgebrochene Krankheit hat nicht nur dort viele Opfer gefordert, sondert grassiert nun auch in Italien. Danke, liebe Afrikaner, dass ihr mit eurem massiven Exodus auch eure Pestilenzien zu uns nach Europa tragt.

Erste Warnungen kamen bereits vor Wochen aus Lampedusa, aber keiner wollte sie hören. Auch wurde von den Ärzten auf Lampedusa sofort ein warnender Bericht über “die Verschleppung des Ebola-Virus nach Europa, seine Ausbreitung und die Folgen” im Internet veröffentlicht. Doch dieser wurde umgehend – aus Gründen der “nationalen Sicherheit” – entfernt. Die Löschung wurde am 16. April…

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God does Macramé

I shall publish these quickly, if only that I sense it is going to be one of those chemtraily days, and there is a spot on my camera lens which is annoying me.

It is approaching 10 am in Krefeld NRW Germany, some pics I shot a few days ago, after which it rained for a few days, now that the skies have cleared the undeniable “vapours” can be seen against a blue sky.

They linger in the skies, and will slowly dissipate throughout the day, with more and more criss-cross layers being added leaving a milky haze.

Something is going on! Or has the god taken up Macramé?

Pass this information on, and reflect.

#chemtrailers #OpChemtrails #Krefeld